GDC: Day 3 Notes

Day 3 Notes include the sessions, “Production Culture: How Two and a Half Artists Completed the FX for Gears of War 3,” “Everything I Know About Being an Art Lead I Learned From Rocksmith,” and “The Automation Trap and How BioWare Engineers Quality.” Continue reading


I couldn’t wait… Sony α NEX-5n

Sony Alpha NEX-5n

Sony Alpha NEX-5n

I couldn’t wait for the NEX-7 so I got the NEX-5n. I was so looking forward to the 7 though. This month is going to be pretty busy. Going on vacation and soon after I’ll be hitting GDC in San Francisco. Both need a still camera and a video camera (although I’m told that we already have both, why do we need ANOTHER ONE) and my preorder for the NEX-7 wasn’t set to ship until the day I was to leave for SF. Obviously too late for either trip.

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Band of Brothers / The Pacific (Special Edition Gift Set) [Blu-ray]

I had to take a break from Rocky and watch the Band of Brothers / The Pacific Blu-ray special edition gift set.

First off, Band of Brothers  is my absolute favorite of the two series. It seems to me a little more poetic and thoughtful. The pacing feels more intentional and dramatic. The interviews with the original veterans really make the story more real, even if it is a dramatization of the actual events. Continue reading

Rocky: The Undisputed Collection

I got Rocky: The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray for $22.49 during the week of Black Friday on I couldn’t resist, 6 movies (3 from my childhood) for 22.50? Couldn’t pass it up!

All I can say is Rocky must have been awful on VHS or even DVD. The noise and grain is NOT joking around here. It is a serious contender! That being said, it looks awesome! Rocky holds up really well on Blu-ray.

Vimeo Video School

I’ve stumbled upon a very cool site that vimeo hosts in my search to understand the mechanics of photography.

It’s called Vimeo Video School. They have a lot of great (but campy) videos discussing the basics of video and photography. If you’re a beginner like me, you’ll want to check out these mildly entertaining yet very informative videos. Continue reading

Alpha Camera with 18-55mm lens | α NEX-7 with E-mount 18-55mm lens | NEX-7K/B | Sony USA

My current drool device is the Sony a NEX-7 camera now delayed due to the Thailand flooding that has wreaked havoc on Toyota, Sony, Nikon and other companies who have manufacturing plants located there. More info here.

Sony α NEX-7

Digital Photography Review has a great, in-depth review for the Sony a NEX-7. They give it an 81% score, which is about the highest of any “Mid-Level” camera they’ve reviewed. This is about as technical a review as you can get on the NEX-7 at the moment.

Steve Huff has a great review with some really nice sample shots and video.

The drool-able features are as follows:

  1. Interchangeable lenses supporting a range of manufacturers (with proper mount adapter)
  2. 1080 60p video (slow motion baby!)
  3. Relatively small body
  4. Programmable, tri-navi button/dial scheme
  5. Touch screen interface (kind of slow though)
  6. A whopping 24.3 megapixels (really?)
The NEX-7 has a smaller member in the family by the name of NEX-5n with virtually the same features, but it lacks the viewfinder (can be added via hot shoe adapter), a few handy physical buttons, and a flash (comes as an attachment to the hot shoe). The number 1 advantage the 5n has over the 7 is the “amazing” low light performance which ranks higher than many $1000+ cameras on the market.
Anyway, I’ve ordered it from the Sony Store. They say it may be shipping March 3rd. We’ll see!
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