GDC: Day 2 Notes

Day 2 Notes include the sessions, “Unity: Motion retargeting technology preview,” “Unity: Microtransactions,” and “Unity 3.5 Intro.” 

Unity: motion retargeting tech preview

Middleware fully integrated into unity.

2 interfaces. Panel and tree

Change assets using a menu and 1 click

Modify transitions using graph editor ‘clips’

Can mute motions in the state machine.

Rig retargeting in state machine: change rigs on character depending on which state is activated

State machine tree, motion tree, rig tree.

Applies to multiple characters in scene.

Uses phys-x for rag doll

Everything is exposed through scripting.

Unity 3.5: Intro

Hi Rez detail import LOD models. with LOD groups

Multiselection mass change.

Full webcam support in game realtome mapping of webcam video.

Navigation targeting from point a to b.

Occlusion culling automatic removal of geometry depending camera view

HDR tone mapping

Bloom is fully supported

Super fast switching of platform from console to mobile

Set quality per platform(LOD models, etc)

CarlUnity twitter

Unity: Micro Transactions

4 monetization
Paid download – high friction/Hi rev
Advertising – low friction/low rev
Subscriptions – lo-hi friction/hi rev
Microtransactions – hi-lo friction/ hi Rev

Free 2 play with micro transactions – F2P MTX

History of mobile/online
Online core 15yr
Online casual 10
Social 5
Mobile w MTX hot now


Simulation games, hot now: zoo games.

Clones: differentiate by quant: analyzing data pain points and

Endless runners: see picture

Play gambling: see picture

“The medium is the message”

Infinity Blade most successful console

Angry birds and fruit ninja mos successful casual games


True Social: Gris platform
Multiplatform: Facebook to mobile to tv.
Currency wars: who gets the transactions. Percentage of money goes to which company.
App TVs: 100s of million devices: LG
Real Gambling:

Unity: Substance – Allegorithmic

1 map, many channel uses


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