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Pottery Barn Bathroom W.I.P. 2

Here’s an update. I’ve added minor stuff like sink faucet/handles, detailed out the toilet a little more and added mirrors. Also increase the background intensity of the hdr image and removed a window.

Oh and I changed the magazine rack by the toilet. It was all lofted splines. I converted them to lower poly geometry and fixed some of the normal directions.


Blender Videos

I’ve been adding Blender Videos to the site as bookmarks basically. Instead of putting them in a browser and having to make sure i’m using the right browser on the right computer, they are now just hanging out on the site.

These are videos that I haven’t seen yet for the most part, or have seen and want to keep around for reference. Unfortunately I haven’t come up with a good way to organize them so if you start using this site for blender video compilations, I’m sorry if things change and videos aren’t where they were the last time you viewed them. Luckily I’ve put links to the author’s web sites or YouTube pages along with the direct links to the video. At least you can compile videos on your own site for safe keeping :).

Here’s the videos home page which may change in the future, rendering this link obsolete.

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