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Chichen Itza

Amazing place. Even though Chichen Itza is loaded with peddlers and tourist trappers, it’s a once in a lifetime trip for some and every human on this earth owes it to themselves to go there.


Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO


It’s sad these rock formations are practically in my backyard and it has taken almost two years to come and shoot them.

Taken with the Sony a77 and SAL18250.

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Evergreen and St Joseph Cemetery – Leadville, CO


Amazing cemeteries in Leadville, CO. They’re completely dilapidated and falling in ruin. The forest has taken over the older parts of the cemetery and nearly all the plots have collapsed in on themselves.

Taken with the Sony NEX 5n with the SEL1855.

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Snow Mountain Ranch, CO


Waterfall hike at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch near Grand, CO.

Taken with the Sony NEX-5n with the SEL16F28.

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Fun with a Magnifying Glass


I was playing with taking pictures of flowers and thought, why don’t i use a magnifying glass to get a macro effect.

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Wild Basin, Colorado

YellowFlowerNice nature walk exploring the wild flowers of Wild Basin, CO.

Taken with a Sony NEX-5n and SEL1855.

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Laura Plantation, LA


Creole Plantation in Louisiana along the Mississippi River.

This plantation was used in the filming of “Interview with a Vampire.”

This set consists of the interiors/exteriors of the plantation house and slave quarters, and the exteriors of the overseer quarters and a separate house for the grandmother. Photos taken with a Sony NEX-5n and SEL1855.

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